Hope and The Librarian

As an artist with a minor in psychology I am naturally as interested in the inner workings of the human as I am in the outside. Combining my love of storytelling with my artistic and academic knowledge of the human being I began to develop a visual vocabulary to explore memory and emotion through the narrative of Hope and The Librarian. The narrative of Hope and The Librarian revolves around three main characters: Hope, The Librarian, and Libby. These three live and spend most of their time in The Library--a fictitious representation of the space within the human brain responsible for cataloging and storing memories. It is my hope that through this body of work I can depict the inner working’s of the human mind in a way that people can recognize and empathize with. In a sense, every individual has their own Librarian, Hope, Depression, Anxiety, Joy etc. each of whom have their own particular habits and processes. I use my anthropomorphic personifications of intangible human traits and their actions as metaphors to speak about the complexity of the human mind and its great capacity for powerful emotion.