Parasite, 2012. 10" x  11" x 11.5" , Terracotta, built solid and hollowed out.  

Referencing mental illness, depression, anxiety, and parasitic relationships.

My Hands Around Your Throat

My Hands Around Your Throat, 2012. Terracotta, glaze, glass-sand, velvet cord. 

Lentil beads made by pressing balls of terracotta clay between my hands, glazed and one side dipped in sand for texture.

Head Space

Head Space, 2012. Fabricated steel, found objects, printer paper,

The tiny drawings seen floating around the piece are all copies of pictures from my sketchbooks. The prompt for this project was "Personal Space".


Remnants of the Bitch Queen

Remnants of the Bitch Queen, 2012. Sand-cast Aluminum, Shell-cast bronze, Photoshop.

This piece is about wanting to have your cake and eat it too, or rather, cookies,



Slipping, 2012. Pizza dough, Vaseline, jello, paper, string, food coloring, nails, time.

The prompt for this project was  "Blood," so I created an interactive time based piece about self harm. I made pockets of pizza dough lined with Vaseline and filled each  with frozen jello and a single Vaseline covered strip of paper scrawled with negative thoughts. I tied the dough pockets off with the piece of string attached to the paper and put them in the freezer. A few hours before my critique I went to my installation site and nailed each dumpling to the wall, making sure the nail went through the part of dumpling with string. As the crit started the dumplings had begun to thaw out as planned, and I walked up and tore open a ball of dough, revealing the paper. Then, totally unprompted, my classmate walked up and tore open  another ball. One by one my classmates went up to investigate,  tearing  open the pieces of dough. The installation stayed up for another five days or so, so the yeast in the dough started to  cause the dumplings to grow larger, harder, and fall to the ground, it was an amazing develompment, even if it did make the hall smell of jam and yeast.